You can earn money in dōTERRA by sharing these amazing oils and inspiring others to do the same. Before I go on, let’s start with the elephant in the room: dōTERRA is a Network Marketing company. I know what you may be thinking: "another MLM". That's exactly what my thoughts were before I decided to do the business too; but I couldn't have been further from the truth.


dōTERRA is not just another MLM because we sell a product that not only WORKS but people LOVE. Our oils are the most trusted in the market: 8.5 million customers around the world, with hospitals and doctor offices trusting our oils over any other oil brand. Our customer retention rate is 65% when the industry average is 13%!!! dōTERRA is far from being "another MLM", it's an incredible opportunity with a massive earning potential. 

You set your own schedule. You set your own goals. You can supplement your income or replace it.  You decide what to make of this business opportunity.

Come be a part of one of the fastest growing teams in the company. I would love to have you join us!

Let's chat and see if this could work for you: