• Andrea Laparra

Hack to Keep Makeup Brushes Clean Between Washes

As I’ve gotten older (and wiser if you will), I’ve learned the importance of using clean products on my skin- not just for a clear complexion on the outside, but to avoid all the other side effects on the inside that come from using “dirty products”.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’ve also learned that simple “routine beauty habits” like washing your face at the end of each night, hydrating throughout the day, and washing your makeup brushes regularly also influence how your skin looks on the outside.

Now, while I’m super religious about washing my face and hydrating throughout the day, I’m not the best at washing my makeup brushes on the reg. I’m actually pretty bad at it- as shaming as that is to me because I DO know better!

But I’ve found a hack that’s been prolonging the life of my “dirty brushes” from wash to wash. I keep an OnGuard Sanitizing Spray in my makeup vanity, and right after I use a brush, I spray it with it.

Since, I’ve had a good streak of good skin with little to no breakouts, and although I know that this is a result of multiple efforts— from diet, to the products I use on my skin— I also know that since I started doing this, my skin has been clear of those random and annoying blemishes and breakouts.

It’s no secret that bacteria 🦠collects deep in the bristles of our makeup brushes... where it’s dark and comfy and a perfect breeding ground for more bacteria to grow. But this little badass spray not only kills 99.9% of bacteria, but it also keeps it off a surface for longer too.

The best part about it: this little guy fits into everyone’s budget: $8.67 retail (HERE) and $6.50 wholesale 🤑. Don't have a wholesale account yet? You better jump on board if you like savings and free product! Click here to purchase a 1-year Wholesale Account Membership. Or, buy a qualifying enrollment kit through my link here to waive the Membership fee!

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