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2018 Resolution: Glow from the Inside Out

Over-indulging over the holidays is common... Who's to blame us though? There’s all the holiday parties, holiday cocktails, holiday cookies, not to mention all the delicious comfort food. It's a tempting holiday world out there! And more times than not, once the holidays are over, we tend to set an intention to improve our eating and exercise habits in order to become a healthier version of the post-holiday version of ourselves. Somehow in the process, we seem to lose sight of the difference between getting healthy vs. losing weight. We may jump into one or two fad diets and desperately hit the gym, but somehow a few weeks later, the motivation dies off and even if we do acquire some results, jumping out of the "dieting" usually means over-eating and gaining all the weight back. If this has happened to you in the past, you’re not alone.

This is common because, fad diets usually deprive you of necessary nutrients; and if you’re hitting the gym without nourishing your body right, you are failing at compensating your body’s fuel as fast as you are burning it. You’ll get tired way quicker and soon enough, you'll want to quit working out all together because it doesn’t make you feel good. You then start cheating on your diet because your body is telling you it's hungry and at some point shortly after, you decide to all-together call it quits- leaving you feeling unaccomplished and somewhat failed. Believe me, you're hearing this from the horse's mouth.

If 2017 taught me something, it's that change must come from within. We can't expect to paint gold over rust: small band-aid solutions will not fix the root of the problem. Small or occasional dieting will not get you closer to health and wellness. You may loose weight, but are you depriving your mind and body of what it truly needs in exchange of a desired number on the scale?

Get ready for a fresh start that will leave you glowing from the inside out, feeling great, energized, and will motivate you to make health and wellness an ACHIEVABLE 2018 resolution! A 30-day cleanse with dōTERRA is the perfect way to kick off your health goals. No fad dieting, just cleansing the body with an all-natural, healthy, root-of-the-problem type approach.

I’m taking it a step further and incorporating something we tend to leave on the back burner when it comes to resolutions: SELF-LOVE. Yup, I said it. If you join me through this 30 day cleanse, we will focus on cleansing the mind, body and soul in order to kick off this year with not just a healthy body, but a healthy and self-loving mind and soul too. This will be the foundation to our healthiest version of ourselves this year.

Ready to learn more? Here’s the breakdown:


I’ve done this cleanse in the past and obtained results, which is why I'm excited to kick the year off with a good and truly healthy body cleanse. Many of the products used in this cleanse are a vital part of my current supplementation. You see, our body struggles to find useful nutrients in today’s foods, which is why I’m a die-hard believer in supplements. And good quality supplements for that matter. This is why I choose dōTERRA's supplements... because I know and most importantly understand everything thats inside them.

This 30-day-cleanse involves 10 days of prep to ensure your “exit routes” are moving and functioning properly, followed by 10 days of actual detox and cleansing, and 10 days of restoration and GI and endocrine support.


This one is the foundation to the body cleanse. Without learning to be patient, positive, understanding and loving with yourself, achieving any other goal can be challenging and draining. We tend to set high expectations of ourselves, especially when it comes to loving our physical bodies, am I right? We can be our harshest judge when in fact we should be our #1 supporter. You’ll be surprised what a little self-love during a challenge can do to the body. This “cleanse” will focus on positive affirmations, and daily exercises that will teach us how to replace the negative mind chatter with positive and encouraging thoughts.

And yes, I say us because I’m doing this right along with you! You will not be alone, you will have my support throughout the cleanse.

Digging what you're reading?

Then this is the time to commit to your mind and body! Make this the beginning of a healthy chain reaction in your life! This decision will lead you to another healthy decision which will lead to another, and another...

This Cleanse starts Monday January 15. So here’s what you need to know before then:

First off, before we go any further, make sure you follow me on insta because I will be sharing recipes, workouts, additional detox ideas, product education (so you understand how these products are working within your body), essential oil recipes to further support the cleanse, self-love tactics and affirmations, tips and real-life challenges during the 30 days and a ton of support...

Wait, did I mention support? Oh yes, and support! Click here: https://www.instagram.com/drea_des/ and hit follow to get access to all of the above!

For the Body Cleanse

The following dōTERRA products are all used in this cleanse. They all play a vital role throughout the duration of the cleanse so I highly recommend getting all of them.

If you already have a dōTERRA account, you can buy these products individually though your own account! (If you need help or don't remember how, ask me how!)

If you don’t have a dōTERRA account, then getting the Cleanse and Restore Kit ($245) is the way to go as it includes everything you will need during the cleanse in one box, and at a discount! The kit includes:

  • LifeLong Vitality Pack- essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and vitality.

  • Terrazyme – digestive enzymes

  • Zendocrine oil blend – essential oil capsules for organ support

  • Zendocrine complex – herbal support for vital detox organs

  • GX assist – oil blend for cleansing

  • PB Assist – probiotic

  • DDR Prime softgels – Cellular support

  • Lemon essential oil -- to support detox

  • Annual dōTERRA Membership -- 25% off all dōTERRA oils and products for a whole year!)

How to join doTERRA with the cleanse kit:

  1. Click here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/themindfuldrops/join-and-save

  2. Scroll down and click the green “Join doTERRA” button

  3. Choose your country

  4. Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate (same cost and discount)

  5. Enter your info

  6. Choose the “Cleanse and Restore” kit at the top

  7. Check out

NOTE: there’s a promo that could qualify you to get a free $93 value essential oil! Order this kit prior to January 15, add an additional 25 point value (PV) to get you to 200 PV's prior to checkout, and get a FREE 15ml FRANKINCENSE essential oil (see above).

My top 3 recommendations to get you to that 200 PV mark that will support the cleanse and promote healthy weight loss are:

1. Mito2Max ($39.50 and 39.50 PV): a supplement for all-natural energy and stamina. This is especially beneficial if you are planning on working out during this cleanse.

2. Slim and Sassy Metabolic Blend Softgels ($34.50 and 30PV): to give your metabolism an extra boost and encourage a healthy weight loss while curbing your appetite.

3. Slim and Sassy TrimShake ($39.50 and 25PV): Choose between 3 flavors and a vegan option of this low-fat, low-sodium, low-calorie, and sugar-free, lean shake mix that is a good source of fiber and helps loose fat and feel full in between meals, or a great source of nutrients after a good workout!

If you were looking for a sign to finally take control of your health and wellness, um...hello!!! THIS IS IT! Don't fall into unhealthy dieting habits that leave you feeling failed and unaccomplished. We've all been there, done that. Gift yourself the love and glow from the inside out. Girl, you know you deserve it!

I'm excited to see what this mind, body and soul journey teaches us!

All the love and light as always,


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