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Traveling with Oils

Traveling is the ultimate excitement yeah? Well... at least for me. Exploring new places, cultures and traditions outside of my own could never get old. However, vacation can turn into a nightmare straight out of Elm St. if our health gets compromised, especially when traveling abroad. Whether it's something we eat that doesn't sit right, temperature-change sniffles, or allergic reactions, my travel essentials have drastically changed and prioritized since using essential oils.

Here's the thing, no one ever plans to get sick when traveling. Why would you? It would take the whole fun out of vacation. But being prepared means playing it safe rather than sorry.

Here's what I took to our most recent trip to Mexico City.

1. Oils, oils, oils. DUH

I have created a mini version of my every-oil-kit at home to travel with. Although is doesn't have every single oil or every single oil blend, it has most of the oils I could use in mostly any scenario requiring an oil protocol, and the ones left out can easily be substituted with similar compound property oils (for example Cassia and Cinnamon).

2. Rollers and Sprays

I have a separate roller oil bag that usually stays in my purse regardless of traveling to another country or to the grocery store. This roller bag consists of (10ml pre-diluted rollers) Past Tense, Clary Calm, In-Tune, Past-Tense, Frankincense, DigestZen, Breathe, OnGuard, and Deep Blue. I know some of these are repeats of my oil vials, but I like to have the pre-diluted rollers in case I'm sharing oils with anyone, especially kids. Remember, you never know who you can share you oils with ;).

My go-to travel sprays are TerraShield, a DIY pillow spray, and a DIY after-sun soothing spray.

3. Repeat after me... Supp-le-ments!

How do you expect to be healthy during a trip if you don't help support your body STAY healthy? My daily supplements include:

-LLV (Life Long Vitality): Think multi-vitamin but super-hero version. This is the foundation!

-Mito2Max: Natural energy without the caffeine effects.

-DeepBlue Polyphenol Complex: Soothes achey muscles and supports healthy joints.

-Zendocrine Detox Complex: Supports healthy cleansing.

-Zendocrine Detox Softgels: Support your body’s natural detox system.

-OnGuard Softgels: Supports a healthy immune response.

-DDR Prime Capsules: Supports healthy cells and their function.

-TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes: Vacation means splurging with food. Help your body digest all the food it's not used to eating all the time!

-PB Assist Probiotics: Supports healthy immune and digestive systems. Gut health is huge when eating abroad, BRING PROBIOTICS IF NOTHING ELSE!

Additionally, I always bring Serenity Restful Complex capsules to aid with sleep. These can save your life when catching Z's is an issue due to time change or jet lag.

4. Skin care

If I go a day without washing my face, my skin will be sure to remind me of it for a few days. I know everyone's skin is different but for me, stepping outside my beauty routine for just a day is just not worth it. Here's what I use daily:



-moisturizer and serum

-lip conditioner balm

If my trip is longer than 1 week, I'll bring my face scrub since I use it about once a week.

5. Deep Blue Rub

Yes, I bring my full 5oz bottle. Lugging around your life in a suitcase and walking more than you usually do when touring around calls for sore muscles and feet. The Deep Blue Rub will turn that frown upside down if you know what I mean.

6. A-Z Guides

I know this last one may seem silly to most but if you share your oils with someone who needs them or better yet someone sparks interest in your oils from conversation, why not have an extra guide laying around. How else can we empower others to use oils and educate them in if we don't have the right tools for them? Plus, the feeling I get when I see someone get blown away by one of these guides is always an internal happy dance for me!

I know this may seem like a lot to pack for vacation but it all fit in my regular sized backpack and still had room to spare.

Happy traveling friends!

All the love and light,

~ Andrea

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