As more of us seek natural ways to support our health and reduce our toxic load, there is an increasing demand in natural solutions. Essential oils are exactly that: a powerful solution given to us by Mother Earth.

You may be wondering what all the "hype" around essential oils is. With so much complicated information out there, it can be overwhelming  to figure out where to start, so I will narrow it down to just three cool things about essential oils you need to know about right now to keep it SIMPLE.

They are 100% natural and safe.

Essential oils come from plants. They are extracted from seeds, roots, stems, flowers, barks, needles, and fruit rinds. There’s nothing added to the oil or taken away from it. They are simply pure essential oils with amazing health benefits and no side effects or addictions. They are safe for all ages, from babies to the elderly and everyone in between. They are incredibly powerful: a pure oil is about 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. One drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea! What I love most about dōTERRA oils is the CPTG standard. It stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and this is what makes them medicinal grade. It means these oils are completely pure and potent. Pure means there are no foreign contaminants or fillers. Potent means that each plant was grown in a part of the world where that plant grows best, resulting in the absolute best chemistry for that plant. When you have the ideal natural chemistry, the essential oil extracted does exactly what we want it to do for our health. This is why dōTERRA oils are the most trusted in hospitals and doctor offices around the globe.

They are more effective than many modern approaches to health problems.

Our current health care system's approach to health treats us from a symptomatic standpoint. Meaning, we tend to get treated based on our symptoms instead of looking to treat the root of our health problems.  Essential oils are oil-based, so they can permeate our cell membranes. This means that they can work on a cellular level: treating the root of our health problems. This is why they are often more effective than the modern approach to health problems.

They are cheaper than traditional medical care.

Before you roll your eyes because you've seen the price tags on some oils, let me explain: 

Remember when I told you 1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea? Well, one 15ml bottle contains 250 drops. You use -on average- 1 to 2 drops per application, so one bottle has literally hundreds of solutions for you. When you divide the cost of any bottle per drop, you are spending cents to the dollar. You cannot afford NOT to use natural solutions!  

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