There are two ways to purchase essential oils:


I personally can't think of a good reason to pay retail.

Let me explain why:

When you become a WHOLESALE customer, you pay an annual fee of $35 which in turn saves you 25% off the retail price for a whole year, but if you choose any of the kits below, this fee is waived. 

That's it. There's no monthly order required, no need to sell. In fact 90% of the 7 million+ dōTERRA customers, are just that: customers who love our incredible products.

If none of the kits below fit your wellness needs, simply click here to purchase your Wholesale Membership and add items à la carte.

When purchasing from any of my links,

you can expect from me:

  • A welcome gift for supporting my small business with big dreams

  • A personal wellness consultation

  • Access to our Private Facebook Education Group

  • Community & Giveaways

  • Ongoing Support


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